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Torsion bar axle with “Ackermann” steering -

Drehstabfederlenkachse mit Achsschenkellenkung

a solution for running gear technology for twin-axle vehicles

By using our torsion bar axles with “Ackermann” steering the track varies only slightly when cornering. The trailer/towed machine remains stable and highly manoeuverable even with wide steering angles. The torsion bar suspension provides a high level of damping for comfort and road safety, together with good superstructure and load protection.

As our products are driven all over the world, the axle can be equipped with an automatic slack adjuster (AGS), mounted on a steering housing, or with an ABS to comply with country-specific legislation.

The principle:

The automatic slack adjuster (AGS) provides constant adjustment to the foundation brake to compensate for wear at the friction surfaces.  This keeps the brake actuation system in the optimum position at all times throughout the life of the friction material to provide efficient braking.

The Anti-Braking System (ABS): 

The sensors and polewheels, which are bolted to the axle, relay wheel speed information to the brake control module in order to eliminate wheel slip under adverse or heavy braking conditions.</p>

<p>The axle is equipped with a parking brake and optional drawbar “Klemmfix”, which prevents a sudden drop of the drawbar when uncoupling.</p>

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