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iDC – intelligent Drive Control

iDC Logo

iDC – intelligent Drive Control

The innovative 
anti-snaking system
for caravans

Sensors for enhanced safety

Sensors for enhanced safety

The iDC system's sensors continually measure the lateral acceleration directly at the trailer's axles.

Automatic anti-snaking

Automatic anti-snaking

The intelligent iDC system immediately detects any risk of snaking and gently applies the trailer's brakes automatically.

Course correction in a matter of seconds

Course correction in a matter of seconds

The gentle braking brings the trailer back on course of its own accord within a matter of seconds.

iDC Visualisation

This short clip demonstrates the applications of iDC.

Other patented BPW safety functions

Fail-Safe Function

In the event of a power failure during a control action (e. g. as a result of a loss of voltage or a broken wire), the BPW iDC automatically returns to its start position.

The service brake is released and remains fully functional. Without this safety function the brakes remain active. Possible consequences could be overheating of the wheel brake and bearings.

Brake Heat Function

The iDC system's sensors immediately detect any risk of snaking and the iDC system automatically applies the trailer's brakes.

Should the sideward snaking not stop within 10 seconds, the system becomes inactive for 100 seconds to avoid brake overheating.

The iDC is:

  • Suitable for single-axle and tandem-axle caravans
  • Can be retrofitted on all BPW chassis with ZAF-2 overrun hitch
  • Suitable for torsion bar, rubber extension, trailing and semi-trailing arm axles
  • Suitable for caravans up to 2,800 kg maximum laden weight
  • A zero-maintenance system
  • Approx. 6 kg in weight


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