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BPW wheel brake -8 with automatic adjustment – brake better with BPW -8

2016-08-21 | Press releases

A further highlight for the Caravan Salon is the new BPW wheel brake. With the 8th brake generation, BPW introduces for the first time a wedge-type brake with auto-reverse and automatic adjustment. This means added safety thanks to always optimally adjusted brakes. But the new brake has even more to offer.

The BPW -8 is an entirely new construction of a wedge type brake. The operating principle has been designed according to the duo-servo principle. Here, the 1st brake shoe (primary brake shoe) transfers the braking power onto the 2nd brake shoe (secondary brake shoe). This increases the efficiency grade within the brake drastically.

A specially developed mounting allows quick and uncomplicated assembly and disassembly of the brake. When, for instance, changing the brake shoes, the brake can be easily pulled off the stub axle, be disassembled in the vice and then refitted.

Many of the servicing intervals for adjusting the brakes for wear are no longer required due to the integration of the automatic adjustment for brake wear. It is now only necessary to regularly check the lining thickness, so that this innovation saves our customers both time and costs.

The series production for the BPW -8 brake starts at the beginning of 2017 and in a first step it will be available for axles of up to 1500 kg axle load. In the long term, BPW will change all brakes without the 7th generation (-7) automatic adjustment to the new -8.

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