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BPW Fahrzeugtechnik VARIO 4 safety chassis

2011-08-25 | Press releases

Variable and optimum: People driving on holiday in their caravan want one thing above all else: to arrive safely. And companies that design and manufacture caravans don't want to worry about anything apart from the body. The new VARIO 4 safety chassis from BPW Fahrzeugtechnik is the optimum product both for the caravan manufacturer and the camper.

Variable, with the BPW Fahrzeugtechnik VARIO 4 AV safety chassis (axle adjustment)

The VARIO 4 AV concept offers maximum variability combined with minimum weight. One advantage of this product is the six-way adjustability of the axle, without affecting the weight balance of the chassis. To offer greater freedom for the equipment and to create a high payload, BPW Fahrzeugtechnik has developed the new chassis based on computer simulations employing the Finite Element Method (FEM) which calculates the load on the frame at every point. The exact dimensions can be defined at each point on the frame using this analysis. The strength of the frame remains the same.

Optimum driving properties and maximum passive safety are guaranteed in the VARIO 4 chassis thanks to the rubber-sprung SWING Vtec semi-trailing-arm axle. This specialist design means each individual wheel has independent control and suspension. The track and camber vary continuously along the compression and rebound suspension travel. This produces a dynamic self-steering effect which stabilises the caravan. It maintains its directional stability even when cornering. The tendency to roll and susceptibility to buffeting by side winds are significantly reduced.

Optimum, with the BPW Fahrzeugtechnik VARIO 4 Classic safety chassis

The VARIO 4 (Classic) makes body lengths up to about 4500 mm and gross weights up to 1350 kg possible. The chassis are optimised in terms of weight, assembly and cost, and are used with tall production units. The benefits of the SWING Vtec semi-trailing-arm axle are exploited to the full in these chassis as well.

The new BPW Fahrzeugtechnik chassis is equipped with the WS 3000 safety hitch, it is completely hot-dip galvanised and therefore possesses optimum surface protection. VARIO 4 from BPW Fahrzeugtechnik therefore combines many safety and weight-relevant advantages in one chassis that can be built on with confidence.

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