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BPW Fahrzeugtechnik expands its i-generation!

2011-08-25 | Press releases

After the successful implementation of the BPW iDC, BPW Fahrzeugtechnik expands its i-generation.

First product of the BPW i-generation-series: BPW iDC

Three years ago BPW Fahrzeugtechnik developed an anti-snaking-system for caravans suitable for the weight range up to 2.800kg. iDC or "Intelligent Drive Control“ offers the caravaner greater safety when towing.

Side winds, uneven road surfaces or sudden evasive manoeuvres are among the risks to be feared when towing. This is due to the driving dynamics of the caravan, which can lead to lurching and snaking of the caravan.

The BPW iDC recognizes dangerous situations quickly and interferes automatically, before critical situations can occur. A sensor attached to the axle continuously registers the tiniest lateral accelerations (oscillations) and sends the signals to the central control unit of the iDC, which is located inside a sturdy housing on the hitch. If the oscillations do not decay of their own accord, the trailer's braking system is activated by means of an electric motor. The trailer is automatically drawn back on track in seconds, as if on an imaginary rail. The driver notices almost nothing of the entire process.

Coming soon! BPW iMC – integrated Move Control

Approximately by the end of 2011 the i-generation will be enlarged by a new innovation:

BPW iMC – the chassis - integrated manoeuvring system for caravans

BPW Fahrzeugtechnik developed a manoeuvring system for caravans – the iMC which can be easily integrated into the chassis of the caravan. From autum 2011 on, various BPW caravan chassis will be prepared for the easy assembly of the BPW iMC. With this preparation it is possible to assemble the iMC within production tact time.

The ground clearance also remains.

What does the BPW iMC offer?

BPW iDC is the ant among the caravan manoeuvring systems. Despite its small dimensions and its little weight, the BPW iMC is easily able to manoeuvre caravans with a weight up to 2.800 kg – this is approximately 95 times its own weight.

The BPW iMC enables you to:

  • Manoeuvre your caravan unassisted, no matter if you want to reach narrow parking slots, garages or manoeuvre in hillside situations
  • Overcome obstacles like stones, curbs up to 6cm, road holes, as well as uneven pavements
  • Manoeuvre on unsecured grounds like gravel, lawn, wet ground, etc.
  • Turn the caravan easily on the spot
  • Keep the overview of the surroundings / of the setting while manoeuvring the caravan from the distance
  • Manoeuvre the caravan single-handedly while having control of the surrounding
  • Suspend the caravan to the pulling vehicle easily

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