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Our Quality Management

Our target is constant high quality standards.
Our target is constant high quality standards.

Any problems? Then we're here for you

In our day-to-day work our main focus is always on maintaining the very highest levels of quality. But you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs and where there are humans there is always the possibility of human error.

Help us to become better!

Do you have a complaint? 

Tell us what happened.

We will help you quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss!

Your feedback helps us to improve further our service, as well as our products and processes. 

We will carefully analyse and act on any complaints you may have. We use quality control methods such as QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) in order to get to the bottom of problems and find long-term solutions. We believe in constant quality improvement.

Actice Quality Management according ISO 9001

Our quality structure is based on 

  • prevention and error-avoidance
  • transparency in processes
  • consequently open-minded error handling 
  • casual research when problems and errors occur
  • sustainable and continuous product, process and service improvement
  • usage of standardized methods, tools and measure systems
  • inclusion of all employees
  • compliance with quality agreements

Beside of application of quality techniques like 8D-reports, FMEAs, PDCAs we practice intergroup benchmarks and best practice sharing between the BPW Group companies.

Our Goal is to reliably and consistently deliver top-class quality.

BPW Fahrzeugtechnik | Pater-Ewald-Str. 29 | 33104 Paderborn