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The new 2 t single axle caravan chassis – big is beautiful!

23.08.2016 | Pressemitteilungen

From now on, 2 t single axle chassis are new in the BPW Fahrzeugtechnik range of products.

For some years now, the trend has been moving towards heavy single axle caravans. There is a seemingly logical reason for this. A single axle trailer is easier to shunt and is cheaper due to it only having one axle and also in comparison to a double axle trailer is also lighter, meaning higher payloads. However, heavy single axle trailers can be considerably more difficult to drive, if they are not designed or loaded correctly.

This was reason enough for BPW to start a development in this area together with their long term Swedish customer Polar. The main focus was of course safety and optimal chassis design. In order to build a chassis that is as driving-stable as possible, you require the longest possible distance between tow ball and axle. Also a must in this configuration is the safety coupling iSC, which also considerably improves the driving stability. The electronic direction control system iDC has been fitted to improve the active safety if worst comes to the worst.

Comprehensive life expectancy tests were carried out in the course of the development of this chassis generation. The development goal of BPW was, to achieve 50,000 km on a commercial vehicle test track. This was reached in the course of the development. The critical speed was also determined, which is in the optimal range of more than 120 km/h. 

In the future, BPW will continuously work on optimising their suspension components in order to increase the benefit for the customer.

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