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BPW "Rondo" torsion bar axle

26.08.2015 | Pressemitteilungen

BPW "Rondo" torsion bar axle and tandem axles with torsion bar suspension with load equalisation deliver the highest standards of driving pleasure and suspension comfort! This is what "Rondo" torsion bar axles from BPW offer. The principle of the torsion bar axle has already been used millions of times over in the VW Beetle, and is regarded as a tried-and-tested sus- pension system in vehicle construction. It offers optimum suspension comfort with very good driving stability.

Compared to the rubber suspension axle, loadings are cut by up to 25% when driving because of the reduced body accelerations. These means damage to furniture and the body is much rarer. Another advantage of the BPW torsion bar axle compared to conventional rubber suspension axles concerns the significant weight saving and, associated with this, the ability to carry heavier loads.

The suspension element of the torsion bar axle is a torsion bar made from spring steel. This is mounted inside the axle tube where it is fully protected.

Torsion bar axles from BPW are available with 1050 – 3500 kg axle load. The independent suspension offers optimum cushioning on uneven carriageways. The very robust axle structure is designed to cope with extreme stresses, so that driving on construction sites or off-road represents no problem.

The practically infinitely variable swinging arms also represent a major advantage.
They can be adjusted using involute gearing. This means the trailer's ride height can be set, in order to adapt it to the height of the towing vehicle, for example.

Tandem axles with torsion bar suspension and load equalisation offer the same advantages as single axles from the suspension standpoint. However, load equalisation compensates even more effectively for very bumpy surfaces such as at level crossings, kerbs and "sleeping policemen". In contrast to conventional tandem axles, the axles are mounted under the frame so as to be able to move. Furthermore, both axles are connected with a strut in a moving mounting. The axles compensate for changes in height when driving over bumps. The possibility of wheels losing contact with the road surface, as is the case in conventional tandem axles, is thus prevented. In this way, the forces input into the body and the chassis are significantly reduced because the weight continues to be distributed between both axles like on a smooth road. The load on the axle is also significantly lowered.

Advantages of the torsion bar axle in summary:

  • Very precise wheel control due to independent suspension in double bearings
  • Reduction in tyre wear
  • Variable height adjustment
  • Evenly sized spring deflection distances irrespective of the loading condition
  • No "settling" of the suspension elements
  • Greater freedom for design and construction of vehicles
  • Weight saving

Advantages of load equalisation in summary:

  • Significantly lower load on the body and chassis
  • Significantly lower load on the axles
  • Wheels do not lose ground contact at obstacles
  • Increased driving comfort
  • Improved safety

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